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What Is Strategic Analysis?

A strategic analysis of a business is an essential step towards achieving success. Although, tracking data and reviewing statistics is not enough to create a plan that truly achieves your company goals. As your strategic partner, we are here to achieve the objectives you have set out. We use analytical tools and key indicators to execute a comprehensive analysis of your company standing. We then identify your areas at most risk and areas of available growth to provide you with an elite framework to reach your targets.

Internal and external challenges affect businesses daily. The difference between improving and suffering is how you calculate and manage each adjustment. E13 Consultancy provides research-based solutions that establish our partners for ultimate success.


Market Expansion Strategy

Our growth strategy process is aimed to identify and address the key elements that determine your product or service’s market success. We develop a data-driven approach for a successful product/service launch and can improve the growth of an existing product/service.


Foreign Market Entry & Launch

Attempting to enter foreign markets can be an overwhelming mission, the consultants at E13 Consultancy support your company in all the undertakings, making the process as seamless as possible.

In a business’s home-based market advantages can come from everywhere including, cultural, demographic, economic and governing factors. Interpreting and travelling within foreign markets requires an understanding of different policies. We work towards developing an effective market strategy that will ensure a sustainable success for your entrance within foreign markets.


Price Optimisation Support

Price optimisation proposals concentrate on making price adjustments to meet business goals and adapt to the market. This can include optimisations to your product pricing, packaging, sourcing, materials, and assembly efforts.

Price optimisation is a fundamental part of building a successful business strategy. With business progressively being done online and with new options being offered to current and potential clients, we can develop a strategy to improve and drive sales of your products or services through price optimisation strategies.

Our efforts include value-based pricing by analysing market statistics, price analytics, predictive models, and competitor evaluation to determine enhanced pricing strategies.


Calculated Business Planning

Set your company up for long-term success with professional research, data-driven insights, and support throughout the calculated business planning.

Our efforts incorporate corporate strategy development, marketing planning, financial organisation, and more depending on your company’s objectives.

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